Sub District Church Growth Training

Sub District

Church Growth Training

Sunday, April 12

Camden FUMC, 3-5 p.m.

You have a unique opportunity to hear from the laity and pastor at Gurdon UMC as they tell about what God is doing in their congregation. This past year Gurdon UMC has experienced genuine Spiritual Revival, by the grace of God. It has resulted in an almost doubling of Average Attendance, and launched them into fruitful ministries that have reached out into their community, especially the children and youth. The Conference website has a 5 minute video of testimonies from laity regarding this remarkable change.

The laity has been so impacted about what God has done and continues to do in and through them that they want to be an encouragement to others. They want to share the steps, struggles and resources that aided them. They also want to share what is yet to be done, and the opportunities they have yet to be addressed in moving forward.

They are also willing to partner with churches, to come and assist them in moving to vitality and spiritual revival. They understand that God works in different ways in different settings, and they are NOT saying “we have arrived” or “you must do things our way.” They understand that their situation is different from yours and that what works in one church may not work in all churches. They come to offer help for those to whom there is a readiness to grow, and to offer their assistance and encouragement.

This is open to all congregations, but my expectation is that those within an easy drive of Camden will make every effort to have both clergy and laity to attend. If you get one idea, or one encouraging word or an offer to directly help your congregation in moving toward vitality, then it will be time well spent. See you there.