Devotional: Palm Sunday Parade

Last Sunday (Palm Sunday) was a wonderful time of celebration and worship. The parade of children bringing palm leaves to lay upon the communion rail.  As in the case for the last 5 Sundays, I took off my Preacher hat and put on my D.S. hat. I had a meeting to make in De Queen. Yes, De Queen (almost in Oklahoma), Arkansas. I arrived in De Queen just ahead of the 5 PM meeting. As I got out of the car, I heard an unfamiliar sound. It sounded like a pep rally or a noisy family reunion. It turned out to be a Palm Sunday Parade!

De Queen has had a huge Hispanic population. The town now has more Hispanic than any other ethnic group. Thus the Roman Catholic Church has exploded over the last fifteen years. So, here was a parade of wonderfully noisy young people following a guy dragging a huge cross. They would stop for some readings, I assume like the “stations of the cross.”

All of this got me to thinking, “when did we take our parades inside?” There is a special witness to the world when the parade is outside and not contained within the walls. Symbolically, we need to learn to find ways to take our “parade” outside. We need to take our witness of faith out into the world. You never know who is out there that need or wanting to join the parade of life, where Jesus Christ is our head. You can easily identify him, he is the one carrying the huge cross.

— Mike Morey