Welcome Rodney

The Bishop announced last week that Rev. Rodney Steele is returning to the Cabinet and will be the new Southwest Superintendent. I could not be better pleased.  Rodney has been such a leader in the Conference for so many years, that I assume most of you have some sort of connection with him.

Rodney and Becky and Charlotte and I were in seminary together, at Iliff in Denver.  By the way, one year before I arrived, there was a friend of Rodney’s who transferred to Perkins (SMU), named Gary Mueller.  Rodney has special connections with the Southwest District. He and Becky graduated High School at Hope.  His first church to serve as pastor was Bradley UMC.  He also has served Mineral Springs and Wakefield UMC, Murfreesboro UMC and Texarkana FUMC.

Rodney and Becky are currently serving Mountain Home FUMC, which is about as far as you can get to Arkadelphia. They have visited last week, and seen the parsonage and District Office, and most importantly met Dawn and Cindy.

You may be interested to know that he has joined the Cabinet in our deliberations via Conference Call or by WebX video conferencing.  So, he is participating in conversations around appointments.  So, he is getting onboard rather quickly.  Even though he has served as Superintendent, I can testify that there is still a steep learning curve, as we seek to truly make mission field appointments.

— Mike Morey