Getting Serious About Spiritual Revival

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all the folks who came last Sunday to our preview event for Spiritual revival in 2016.  I deeply appreciate your presence there.  Some of you have shared with me how the conversation has already begun at your church on ways that your congregation will seek spiritual revival in 2016.  Some of you plan to follow the material provided by the Conference and some of you have additional plans.  All of this sounds wonderful to me and I’m so grateful.  Thank you so much!

One pastor asked if there was a place where ideas could be shared.  The answer is “YES!”  We are encouraging you to use the Facebook page for the Southwest District — Arkansas Conference to share your ideas and results from your planning and activities.  You are also welcome to share your ideas for our district newsletter.  Besides sharing ideas and plans, let’s also agree to pray for one another that we will open our hearts, minds and souls to the moving of God’s Holy Spirit.

I’m glad to be in ministry with you!  God bless you!