Grow By One Summit

The Center for Vitality is planning a conference-wide event, the Grow By One Summit, on Saturday, April 30, 2016. The summit will equip and resource local church teams with tools for implementing Step 6 of the Bishop’s Mission Plan.

We’d like to request that Saturday, April 30, 2016 be reserved exclusively for the Summit so as to maximize attendance and prevent scheduling conflicts for laity and clergy.  The event will take place at St. James UMC in Little Rock.  Time has not been set yet.

The Summit keynote presenter is Kay Kotan.  There will be workshops for teams from churches of all sizes and where they will be equipped with resources and tools for relational evangelism, faith-sharing and connecting with their neighbors.  Every team will return home with a practical action plan to help them grow by one in worship attendance, profession of faith, small groups, and connection with their neighbors AND make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for holding that date in reserve – and holding the Grow By One Summit in prayer.   Additional information about the Summit will be shared in the near future.