Spiritual Revival Followup

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Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

For those who were able to attend one of the Spiritual Revival preview events last month, thank you for the gift of your time and for the valuable feedback we received from you

As a followup, we have posted two new resources online at http://spiritualrevival.arumc.org:

  • Resources for Local Churches Guide which includes a movement calendar; 40 days of prayers; worship helps, Scripture and notes for a three-week sermon series, God’s Love: Unconditional, Transformational, Invitational; children’s and youth activities, lessons and sermons; a five-week study for adults, ReLent: Preparing for Spiritual Revival; a “Getting Started” checklist; and a list of additional resources.
  • ReLent: Preparing for Spiritual Revivalstudy Leader’s Guide

These two resources are also being mailed to you and to your lay leaders.  Look for them early next week.

We invite you to share with others. Are you creating a unique resource or do you have an idea about how your church will prepare for spiritual revival?  Please send it to communications@ arumc.org for us to post online; perhaps it will provide inspiration for another local church.

Look online at http://spiritualrevival.arumc.org for additional resources in the coming month.  In the works:  images for newsletters, worship bulletins, and multimedia graphics.

Questions? Comments? Please contact communications@arumc.org or call 501-324-8035. We will be glad to assist you.