Pre-Conference District Briefing

The Pre-Conference District Briefing has become a yearly event where the Bishop and other Conference Staff come to the district to provide information, updates and insight that will help prepare us for Annual Conference.  All clergy, lay members, alternate members and at-large members to annual conference should be in attendance.  The briefing for the Southwest district will be Sunday, June 5 at 3:00 p.m.  It will be held at Arkadelphia First United Methodist Church in their fellowship hall.  Below is the agenda for the meeting.


Pre-Conference District Briefing

1) Opening Worship and Communion

2) Preparing for Annual Conference Review trajectory

  • Mission of the Annual Conference Session
  • Conference Prayer
  • Review Pre-Conference Journal

3) Proposed changes in the Rules of Annual Conference

  • Session Rules
  • Standing Rules

4) Tithe Initiative/Budget

5) Spiritual Revival follow Up

6) General Conference Report

7) 200,000 Reasons

8) United Methodist Men