ACCYM Choir Tour

accym_logo_smallThe ACCYM Choir Tour 2017 task force is now considering requests for host churches for their tour in June 2017.  We would like to consider all churches that wish to have the Conference Youth Choir worship at their church.

Please contact Be Guinn by December 31, 2016 if your church is interested.  Below are the details of the trip and contact info for Be.

Dates for Choir Tour 2017 – June 10-June 17, 2017.  We will make stops at 6 churches, with setting up and running a sound check before we conduct a worship service at 7 pm, and we plan a fun day towards the end of the week. We would like to worship in as many districts as possible.  Please prayerfully consider the following requirements and let us know if you’d like to host the Conference Youth Choir.

What the youth choir needs at each location:

~Sleeping space for roughly 60 people most of whom have cots or air mattresses. Typically we have twice as many females as males.

~A common space for youth and adults to enjoy fellowship with each other and your church members.

~Dinner the evening of the worship and breakfast the morning after for the same number of people.

~Showers available for everyone, either at the church or private homes. Please keep in mind again that we will have approx. twice as many girls as boys.  A final count will be supplied after our first rehearsal in January 2017. You can be creative in your housing and showering.  Some churches will find a school/gym/boys & girls clubs – that will allow us to shower. Please be aware that transportation will still be needed to and from the shower location.

~Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to have churches host us that wash our shirts – super great to have clean shirts for the next day!

~Space for the band with their equipment and the choir to have a worship service that lasts for about an hour.

~There is a possibility that our sound team will have their own RV so electric and water hook-ups would be greatly appreciated.

~The opportunity to worship creatively with your church using music and other liturgical performing arts.

Again, please contact Be Guinn by December 31, 2016. or at 501-944-3294

An email request would be preferred.

We will be making our final decision by January 28, 2017 and will notify you if your church has been approved by January 31, 2017.

Thanks…hope to see you in 2017!


Be Guinn